Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Double edged gift tags with a spellbinder middle

Well I couldnt get motivated today to do any cards
I have started to design some notebooks and have been playing with ideas
but they are not ready to show yet ... lol
Then I got fed up with that and decided to try and do some double edging on the cuttlebug.
I  needed to make a couple of tags for a birthday present.
I cut out the tag with some home made embossing card - do you know how to make that ?  I can put some instructions up later on if anyone is interested.
Anyway I cut out a scalloped cirle and left the cut out in the die, then got a smaller sixed circle and laid it on top of the die still in the original die cut and by using a tan mat embossed the smaller cirle inside so as to make a double edge.  I then cut an even smaller circle out for the middle of the tag and this time did the embossing with part of a spellbinder stencil.
The end result is here and was rather pretty I thought .....

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